Ahmed Abdel Baset

EAGLS Member

  • Phone:  01116655100 - 01016677200
  • Email: adam.masr@gmail.com

My name is Ahmed Abdel Baset, a 40-year old diligent Localization Engineer (LE) with a total working experience of 15 years as a localization engineer and technical specialist.

Based on my experiences with numerous worldwide agencies, I manage my localization engineering duties in a way that ensures client satisfaction and compliance with client rules.

I have a remarkable track record  in the fields of translation, software localization, website translation, multimedia, and desktop publishing.

I have been in the business for a long time, so a brief review of my working experience will reveal that I am perfectly well-versed in how to ALWAYS satisfy my clients.

I can localize almost anything written in English or any other language. This ability was not acquired overnight! It is the result of very hard work and hundreds of projects across all fields.

“Accurate Work, Perfect Quality” is my slogan. I simply seek perfection.