Maha El Bacha

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I am assistant professor in computational terminology and translation technology – French department – Faculty of Al-Alsun – Ain-Shams University.

I had participated in the translation of “20 ans qui boulversèrent le monde-De Berlin à Pékin” from French into Arabic, which is published by the National Center of Translation. I have transalted another book in terminology, which is under publishing.
My fields of freelance translation are: Legal translation, UN translation of General Assembly resolutions, applied linguistics, computational linguistics, and Translation technology. My fields of interest and work in scientific research are: terminology, computational terminology, terminology technology, and translation technology. I am teaching, since 2004, courses in translation technology and computational linguistics, like: CAT tools, AVT, computational terminology, automatic extraction terminology, electronic dictionaries, and linguistics search engines. I am a supervisor of many graduation projects in AVT of documentary films from French into Arabic, which lead to translate 13 films till now. I am the designer of Terminology software “MAGITERME”, which is designed as a tool of automatic terminology extraction and translation, in addition of creating terminological database. I am member of Language Engineering (ESOLE). I am a wife and mother of two, Malek & Malak El Malky.