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With the increasingly constant advancement in technology, and its expansion worldwide, melting the language barrier has always been a substantial necessity. In 2004, Loc & More embarked on a journey of dynamic hard work, with a team involved in the field of localization for over 15 years, seeking to provide top notch services to a plethora of clients.

We are fully aware that localization does not only pertain to translation, but rather a long process of adapting the software product to the Arabic locale. Therefore, it is our strong belief that specialization is the key to quality and that quality is inevitably the only way to stand out.

Because of this, we have spared no effort in order to specialize in translation, localization, desktop publishing, software testing and localization engineering.

We are a professional group with over a decade of experience in the field of localization & translation. We have spared no effort in making sure our wide variety of services are presented with a masterclass of professional quality. We provide end-users with a range of localization services at affordable prices both individually and in a partnership with some of the world-leading MLV’s in the field.

Loc & more combines human experience with automation which allows us to implement excellent business ethics and quality-centric operational procedures that ultimately shape our reputation in the business.