Mennatallah Hisham Abualsoud soliman

EAGLS Member

Mennatallah Hesham Abu al- soud Soliman
Birth Date: 31/7/1990
– Faculty of Alsun Ain Shams University Egypt, Chinese department, Graduation year: 2011
– Travelled for one year in a scholarship to Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) from September 2009 to July 2010.
– Master’s degree in Chinese linguistics at Cairo University – Faculty of Arts.
o Language Skills:
Chinese (Excellent)
English (Good)
Arabic (Mother tongue)
o Team Management Skills
1. Managing a team, negotiating workloads, allocating tasks, assessing performance and reporting on developments.
2. Ensuring the performance of the staff.
3. Reporting to management.
4. Organizing training and holidays.
5. Discussing and resolving problems.
6. Carrying out performance reviews.
7. Coaching and developing the staff.
8. Demonstrating knowledge of company’s mission, purpose, goals, and the ability to help employees successfully achieve them.
o Computer Skills:
Excellent using of Windows, Office, Internet.
• 15/8/2009: has successfully completed Tour guide course in Ain Shams University of total 24 hours.
• Participated in editing International brands dictionary (Chinese-English-Arabic) under the supervision of D.Naser Abd-Elaal the tourism attache in the Egyptian embassy in China.
• Attended Chinese –Arabic translation course in BLCU (BEIJING LANGUAGE AND CULTURE UNIVERSITY).
• Attended English –Chinese translation course in BLCU (BEIJING LANGUAGE AND CULTURE UNIVERSITY).
• Attended Chinese translation & listening courses.
• Attended Word fast Classic course; computer-assisted translation tool Wordfast Classic is one of the best translation memory solution for Microsoft Word.
• Screen subtitling and Captioning (for the deaf and hard of hearing).
• Attended “Teacher Preparation Program” at Kemet for Language and Tour Guiding Courses Association.
Work Experience
• Worked in the Literature translations (The Chinese Experimental Theater – Sufi and Islam in China Biography of some Chinese Leaders and others)
• Worked in Chinese translation editing.
• Taught Chinese language for beginners online.
• Worked as a customer service representative.
• Worked as tender secretary at Horse Car Co. which is the sole agent for the Chinese JAC Cars.
• Worked as commercial team leader at OPPO Mobile Phone Company.
• Translator at Wisdom House Cultural Industries Group.
• Freelance Translator.