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I have been working as a Professional Administrator in the League of Arab States since 2002, I was responsible for filling, organizing and developing all administrative tasks either technically or functionally.
I also worked as a Website Manager in the same organization since 2010 besides translating meetings and speeches as well as statements (basically politics and Media) in Media & communication sector. I started to work as freelancer since 2014. Meanwhile, I finished my diploma in the field of (Media Translation) from The American University in Cairo in 2017. Now I am attending the classes of another diploma (legal translation).
Since 2018, I have made a shift in my career and worked mainly as a translator, translating written documents from a source language to a target language (English into Arabic basically), have the ability of absorbing new ideas & communicate clearly & effectively with people from all different backgrounds . I have a full awareness of diversity & multicultural issues. I also have the flexibility of adapting challenges when they arise & absorbing my professional role in a pool if needed.
I also write articles, edit and summarize book. Some of my articles were published in Shoun’arabiyya Magazine ( You can also review my articles on the website of the magazine