The British University in Egypt: Faculty of Arts & Humanities and the Continuing Education Centre (CEC) affiliated to the Faculty.

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The BUE is a private University in Egypt. The formation of a British University in Egypt arose from a 1998 Memorandum of Cooperation between the UK and the Egyptian Governments. It was envisaged that such an institution would produce graduates of UK standards for key sectors of the Egyptian economy, particularly in the areas of engineering, computer science, and business studies.

Planning for the new institution was put in train and financial support was provided by a group of prominent Egyptian business and public figures, principal amongst whom was Mr. Farid Khamis, Chairman of Oriental Weavers, a major international carpet manufacturing company. In 2004, with strong support from the British Embassy and the British Council, a Presidential decree was issued establishing the British University in Egypt. The initial phase of the University campus was already under construction and the University welcomed its first cohort (only 200 students) of undergraduate students in September 2005.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities, which was established in 2016/2017, is the gateway for capacity building and humanistic studies which open a wide range of opportunities for its graduates.   It aims to develop your full potential to face the challenges of today’s world. While studying languages (English or Chinese) or psychology at the Faculty, your exposure to global awareness would enable you to add value to this world by appreciating diversity, reflecting on the past, responding to the present, and inspiring the future of the 21st century.

The Faculty comprises three Departments:

  1. The Department of Basic and Applied Psychology;
  2. The Department of English Language and Literature (which offers three career-oriented specializations: Linguistics, Literature, and Translation);
  3. The Department of Chinese Language and Culture.

Our departments, academic staff, and our programs are all dedicated to fulfilling the mission and vision of the Faculty by developing graduates with analytical skills, independent thinking, critical inquiry, creative imagination, employability, and research skills as well as communicative competence. These skills are extremely attractive to future employers in the field of business, arts management, industry, education, commerce, and will prepare you to hold promising posts at reputable and international institutions and organisations. Thus though arts and humanities degrees may not offer as clear cut a career path as sciences, the wide range of key transferrable skills gained equip our graduates with employability skills to succeed in the professional world.

Our partnership with London South Bank University (LSBU) ensures you receive broader experiential learning opportunities and an internationally recognized degree with quality UK education that meets global standards. One of the main attractions of joining the Faculty of Arts at the British University in Egypt is the opportunity to spend either a semester or a summer programme abroad at our partner university in England. This experience aims to increase proficiency in the area of study, while also allowing students to be exposed to other cultures and meet the challenge of communicating with a broad range of people and expertise.

Moreover, the Faculty established its Continuing Education Centre (CEC) at the BUE to act as its fundamental channel through which it can render community services. In December 2016, the Centre’s establishment was approved by the BUE Senate while in January 2017, the Centre launched its services and opportunities for continuing education and professional development in several key areas: language learning, teacher training, IELTS testing, translation, copyediting, and psychological counseling.