The Egyptian Association for Globalization and Language Solutions (EAGLS) is a non-profit trade association founded in 2018 by a number of Egyptian companies to act as an umbrella for all the industry’s stakeholders where they can meet, discuss and improve their industry.

EAGLS is non-profit and fully self-funded association through its members’ contributions and donations. The Association is open for all the companies and individuals working in the language services sector including, but not limited to, Translation, Interpretation, Localization, Desktop Publishing, Subtitling, Transcreation, Graphic Design, Engineering and language-related Training.

EAGLS main objective is to bring stakeholders together in a friendly ecosystem where they can exchange thoughts and expertise, discuss the industry’s challenges and define the best practices to achieve and maintain growth.

As the first association of its kind in the Arabic-speaking region, EAGLS strives to be the language sector’s leading professional body through its initiatives to bring together stakeholders in order to formulate and maintain the highest industry standards while supporting its members to thrive and grow in the competitive global economy.


EAGLS ambition is to become the voice for language services providers in the Arab regions with focus on the Egyptian market as a start. The Association’s mission revolves around the common interests of all stakeholders in this rapidly-changing industry.

With over $42 Billion in returns, EAGLS role is to develop, organize and protect the industry of language services and solutions in the local market and the region as a whole. In doing so EAGLS agenda is to coordinate among different players in the local and international markets in order to improve the industry, educate workers and achieve growth.

It’s EAGLS belief that this process begins with education through training new cadres as well experienced staff in different areas either technical, managerial, operational, linguistic or ethical. For this end EAGLS intends to focus initially on the provision of training in different topics for its members, non-members and students in order to cover all stakeholders in the industry. This goes in parallel with other priorities such as:

  • Acting as a central hub for communication and cooperation among all the stakeholders in the local market on the professional and personal level;
  • Raising local and regional awareness about the industry and its role in the society;
  • Identifying the challenges facing our industry while working together with the concerned bodies on solving these challenges;
  • Helping members to develop and grow their business.


Bringing companies and individuals working in the industry together in order to exchange knowledge and expertise. According to EAGLS vision this can be achieved through:

Training individuals/companies working in the industry;
Helping member companies to promote and improve their business;
Raising the awareness of colleges about the importance of the industry;
Protecting the industry and its personnel;
Developing a code of ethics;
Holding scientific seminars and conferences related to the industry topics;
Provision of training courses in different areas;
Creating databases for industry workers for the purpose of networking and providing job opportunities;
Conducting and publishing research/studies in fields relevant to the industry.