Hany Kamal

EAGLS Vice -President

CEO – Loc & More

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Hany Kamal is a founding partner at *Loc & More*. He started working in the field of localization and translation in the late 90s. The beginning was in journalistic translation, after which followed the establishment of Egypt’s first newspaper tailored to women, which ran for a year. The newspaper presented many global ideas and important information before the emergence of social media and, to this day, he is still active as an author of short stories and has several unpublished works. He is one of the founders of Fab Lab (production lab) in Egypt and was on its board of directors. The association focuses on industrial awareness for youths by providing workshops in various governorates and supplies them with equipment for them to design and create.
Hany has a long history in the field of localization and translation that spans over 20 years in managing projects in the areas of *Desktop Publishing*, *Localization Engineering*, several forms and levels of *Translation* as well as managing several departments and organizations in the industry.