Manal Amin

EAGLS President

  • Founder & CEO – Arabize
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Manal Amin, the founder and CEO of Arabize, is one of the very first Egyptian entrepreneurs in language technology in the region. Her successes have not only been limited to the localization sector, where she operates the biggest and oldest company in the Middle East as well as the topping the table of the African Language service Providers from 2016 to the present time.
With 35 years of experience in the field of Localization and an interest in giving back to the community, she decided to cofound the Egyptian Association for Globalization and Language Solutions (EAGLS), which aims at maturing and improving the Egyptian Localization industry in an effort that has been a dream of hers for more than a decade.
Over her 35 years in the field and 25 years operating Arabize, she has been the mentor for generations of localizers that also pay their part in the human development in this industry, which is the core component of the Service industry. For more than 7 years now, she has been volunteering to create awareness in major Egyptian Universities with the concepts of localization and translation technology in mind. As a philanthropist at heart, Manal Amin always finds a way to transfer her acquired knowledge and experience bank to newer generations in order to better serve the community and build the culture of giving back in young professionals.