Osama Hussein

EAGLS Board Member

CEO – Ocean2Gulf

  • Phone: +20 1005753458
  • Email: osama@ocean2gulf.com
More Info

Founder and CEO of Ocean2gulf. Osama Started his career as a translator and transcriber at Arabize, then he shifted to play different production roles at Skahr Software where he started as an editor, technical writer and eventually translation Group manager.
Osama founded Ocean2Gulf in 2003 to provide Arabic language services and the company has grown very quickly to cover all the Middle Eastern and Indian languages including Farsi, Urdu, Pashto, Kurdish, Turkish, Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi and Hebrew.
Throughout his career, Osama has ran major projects for key players in different areas including Telecom, Military, Technology, Gaming, IT, Automotive, Oil& Gas, Entertainment, Hospitality, Banking & Finance, Health care, Patents and many other fields.
Services provided cover a wide range of linguistic and technical services including TEP, software/website full localization, transcreation, technical writing, functional testing, DTP, Subtitling, brand checking, voice over, dubbing, cultural consultation and copy adaptation.